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Sector - Auto and Auto Ancillary

A large auto component company and its stakeholders were suffering from lack of trust due to which the related decision making was affected significantly. Read more

Sector - Travel & Transport Sector

A travel & transportation company approached Business Doctors with a desire to grow, diversify and expand via organic or inorganic means.
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Sector - Transport & Logistics

A family run business of national logistics (owned fleet) with several issues including cross holdings within group companies, low efficiencies, minimal accountability
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Sector - Hospitality & Entertainment

An established group in the hospitality & entertainment segment wanted to tap a potential niche in India and wanted Business Doctors to strategize the project.
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Sector - Online Fashion

A leading brand & aggregator both, online and offline, for luxury apparels and accessories in India and overseas was burning cash despite high gross margins and reasonably sustained revenue. Read more

Sector - Agri and Food Processing

A large business group was inclined towards diversification into Food Processing. With no prior experience with Food and Agro sector and B2C brands and consumer led businesses,
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Sector - Agri & Food Tech

An agri, agri trading and food services company was facing declining revenue and output despite good asset backing, leading to inefficiencies in the company.
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Sector - Media & Entertainment

A group that had been operating in the gaming space in India and abroad wished to explore online gaming given the growing popularity and potential of the same.
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Sector - Packaging and Printing.

A packaging company was facing issues with company structure, domestic and international corporate and financial planning, Read more

Sector - Transport & Logistics

Promoters had launched an online exchange for long haul bookings of trucks. The initial traction was decent, however, promoters required growth advisory and guidance for the overall strategic direction to scale the business.
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Sector - Travel and Tourism

Lack of Employee management and inefficient utilization of funds/capital in a leisure and lifestyle company were causing major issues in the overall operations of the firm, further leading to lack of exit opportunities and investor conflicts in the organization.

Business Doctors Impact

  • Realigned team across two locations to ensure a cohesive working environment.
  • Created an efficient franchising structure for more growth opportunities.
  • Reorganized the capital structure to remove inefficiencies and resolve issues pertaining to exit of the existing equity investors and to rationalize debt levels.


  • Improved operations management and margins within 6 months with our team’s unparalleled expertise.
  • Aligned investor interests and helped create value in business.
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Sector - Consumer/Consumer Tech

An entrepreneur wished to create a youth centric apparel brand and approached Business Doctors to plan the strategy for his business. The company already had excessive inventory and operating costs but virtually no revenue.

Business Doctors Impact

  • Initiated with a focus on putting together an optimal distribution strategy to clear the inventory by establishing relationships with key ecommerce brands and also planning sale through own website.
  • Put together a branding, marketing, pricing strategy based on the market competition and overall scenario.
  • Outlined and helped implement changes in the existing manufacturing process to cut costs and bring in operational efficiency.
  • Assisted the entrepreneur in building the appropriate team required for a consumer driven product.


  • Worked closely with the entrepreneur and established an efficient business and operational model.
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Sector - Events and Entertainment

Business was struggling with inappropriate decision making, financial planning and lack of business model implication in the long term. Continuation of the same for another 6 months would have brought operations to a stand still.

Business Doctors Impact

  • Insisted on certain hard calls which required significant persuasion of the promoters. This entailed changing their operating style, business strategies and curtailing expansion until a better business structure was reached.
  • Ensured implementation of the plan by putting a key person at each critical function over a span of 3 months.
  • Resolved old financial irregularities and put balance sheet in order.
  • Created enough shock absorbers to ensure the business could survive a bad year without an issue.
  • Sensitized the promoter family towards possible implications of these hard calls – perhaps a downside of restructuring.
  • Resulted in fair degree of control over the operations and took around a year to put back confidence into the system to survive any storm in future.
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Sector - Fashion

A company specializing in Ethnic wear manufacturing wanted to diversify into a related but B2C space. Read moreGiven the lack of exposure required while entering this new space, they hired Business Doctors to understand the feasibility of the entire project.

Business Doctors Impact

  • Analyzed the upcoming market in India and benchmarked international players.
  • Created an all new brand for the company.
  • Put forth a business plan including the pricing strategy, product portfolio, target markets, marketing plan and more.
  • Strategized a Private label brand for the company as a push to their manufacturing segment’s distribution channel.
  • Put together a plan for a potential takeover in the market to gain a strong backend right from the initiation.


  • Helped the promoters understand and evaluate the key potential and drawbacks in the market.
  • Leveraged the company’s B2B experience in all ways possible to increase margins.
  • Mapped the integration of manufacturing, rental segments and a private label of the parent company.

Sector - Agriculture

An organic foods company needed assistance in putting together a growth plan for both manufacturing and distribution chain of their products. Read more

Business Doctors Impact

  • Evaluated the current competition in the market and established potential revenue streams for the company, including bulk sales, multiple consumer facing options and ecommerce platforms.
  • Identified short and long term goals and growth prospects to ensure defined benchmarks to work towards.
  • Worked with the promoter to outline ongoing marketing, personnel and other requirements and how the same will grow in the future based on the various segments the business was going to diversify into.
  • Put together a business and financial plan for the company and defined the funding requirement.


  • Managed to establish some unique revenue streams that were readily accepted by the entrepreneur and helped him implement the same.
  • Helped the entrepreneur plan expansion into another product category based on our team’s internal research.

Sector - Media and entertainment

A well established entertainment company driven by very established names in the industry required a better growth structure and a plan to achieve the desired financing arrangement. Read more

Business Doctors Impact

  • Our team used its sector expertise to bring in processes that would result in expansion in teams, content strategy, platform strategy and alternative business models for the group.
  • Set up new teams for the new and segmented business.
  • Initiated fresh funding discussions and finally ended with a strategic investment.


  • Shortly lead to a strategic investment and other desired objectives as mentioned above came to fruition.

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